Sunday, November 12, 2006

Just a thought...

I'm told I shouldn't refer to someone as black or yellow or what ever (not that I would anyway) so why is it they can refer to me as white?

I would be considered a racist if I referred to a person's skin colour, yet they can call me white. Does that not then mean they are racist as well or are only so called white people capable of being racist?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Clover Moore - thanks for nothing!

Clover Moore becomes Sydney Major and suddenly all the promises she made to the Sydney gay community go down the gurgler. Has Clover abandoned her devoted and loyal gay supporters? Yes indeed she has!

As Clover Moore sits in her ivory tower, cramming another sticky bun into her red lipped mouth (Clover get a stylist please), Oxford St has now become a dangerous place to be. Forget about the Cronulla riots folks, if you want to be accosted or maimed in her own home turf take a walk down Oxford St on a Friday or Saturday night.

Oxford St, once a thriving gay night spot and safe haven has now become little Beirut. Wander down on a Friday or Saturday night and no doubt you'll bare witness to a myriad of non-local lebanese (or at least people of middle eastern decent) young people gathered in large gangs outside Gloria Jeans, Hungry Jacks and just about every other venue from Hyde Park end to Taylor Square. These youths are not your simple party goers out for a good night, but a mass of neanderthal, aggressive boys and girls engaged in street fights, car racing, and drug taking who will pick a fight with just about anybody who happens by.

More so is the fact these hundreds of youths make it a point to harass the local gay community. They hurl abuse, throw bottles and even beat up any gay man who happens down the road. Gay bashing, once a phenomenon existent in the far outer suburbs is now a weekly event in the only place the gay community could call their own.... Oxford St - Sydney.

Well thanks Clover, you managed to obliterate the only place we could call safe. You've turned a blind eye and allowed these lebanese gangs to exploit this once amazing street.

Am I racist? Not at all, I consider these youths as Australian, they are the ones who say they're Lebanese just ask them.